Get Paid to Submit Quotes

Imagine being able to read and collect inspirational quotes and get paid for doing so!

Old Quotes is constantly looking for freelancers around the world to help build our website. Is working part time from home something that appeals to you?

We require at least 15 contractors to work on our website at each time. As contracts expires and old freelancers leave, we recruit new people to join our team.

We release up to 500 quotes a day, and this involves going through the tasks of collecting the quotes, creating the images, and inspecting them.

3 Roles & Responsibilities

  • Quote collection – This job requires you to browse through the internet, books and other resources to gather a list of quotes in English. It is up to you to ensure the quotes do not already exist in our database. More information on how to avoid duplicates will be given once you are in the team. Earning is $10 for every 100 quotes collected.
  • Quote image designer – We are specifically after designers with hands on experience using graphic manipulating software such as Adobe Photoshop. No formal qualification is required, however proof of skill must be shown before any consideration takes place. Earning is $20 for every 100 quotes designed.
  • Inspection – Attention to detail and having fast internet is crucial for this role. Task involves scrolling through thousands of image quotes and selecting the ones with errors, such as typos and distortions (cut off texts). Earning is $20 for every 1,000 images inspected.

All payments are made via PayPal. We do not pay through any other methods.

To take this opportunity to do the things you like and make money at the same time, click here to apply. Places are limited.